Protects vehicle’s interior fabrics against liquid spillages stains.

  • 150o super hydrophobicity 
  • Protects from wear and color fade
  • Oils, stains and spills repellent
  • Cleaners and UV resistance
  • Breathable coating structure
  • Durability 6 to 8 months

Ceramic Bond Fabric protection keeps your car upholstery looking like new. Protects vehicle&rsquos interior fabrics against liquid spillages stains, by formation of a nano-sized coating which instantly repels water. The Fabric ability to cover each thread alone leaves unchanged the appearance, the texture and the feel of fabric surface. Applied by simple spraying, slight wetting and 24 hour curing. Suitable for all auto interiors areas such as: vehicle&rsquos fabric and suede seats, mats, seat covers, cushion upholstery, ceiling etc. In addition Fabric acts as an emollient keeping threads soft touch, preventing from sun light damage and aiding against premature aging. Combats color fade.

Before use:

  • Remove any kind of soiling from substrate
  • Shake the bottle well before use


  • Spray on the surface uniformly
  • Leave to cure overnight away from dust and water


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