Premium 9H Superhydrophobic Ceramic Coating

  • Superior hardness/ anti-scratch resistance
  • UV, chemical and thermal resistance
  • Anti graffiti, easy to clean
  • 120o hydrophobicity
  • High gloss mirror-like deep color renewal




50 ml PURE-2 spray


Microfiber cloth

SAPPHIRE-HD is a new SAPPHIRE synthesis, providing outstanding results regarding protection, film thickness & gloss.

Ceramic Bond SAPPHIRE-HD protection is the ultimate paint protection against environmental hazards. With its unique technology and outstanding performance, this product creates a thin (double layer) nano-ceramic coating, which protects the surface from UV rays, scratches, spray paints, bird droppings, acid rain, and many other airborne contaminants, giving excellent smoothness and shine! 

SAPPHIRE-HD renders car surface smooth and highly hydrophobic. The result is a strong repellant water, and stain surface for less soiling deposits and staining and easy cleaning. Unlike other ceramic coatings, SAPPHIRE-HD when applied, crystallizes only at nanoscale level.

Before use:

  • Wash thoroughly any kind of soiling from car. 
  • Use Ceramic Bond compounds to correct paint. 
  • Completely remove residues and clean surface with PURE-2. 
  • Shake the bottle well before use. 


  • Apply with pads applicators or gun sprayer, to a single panel at a time. 
  • Buff product (after finishing each panel) with clean microfiber. 
  • Work indoors, 20-25 °C and humidity <50% humidity. 
  • Leave to cure for 24 hours, away from dust and water. 
  • For second layer, apply after 4 to 5 hours. 
  • Keep the bottle tightly close while not in use.


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